Home Sales Hit Four Year Low

Posted by John Grohowski // November 27, 2018

Falling Home Sales

                            WASHINGTON—Sales of previously owned U.S. homes posted their largest annual decline since 2014 in October, as the housing market continues to sputter due to higher mortgage rates that are reducing home affordability. The latest data offered a mixed picture of a […]

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Mortgage applications stall while interest rates rise

Posted by John Grohowski // September 18, 2018


Mortgage interest rates are stuck near recent highs and beginning to rise again, further weakening home affordability   Mortgage applications are still at historically low levels given the demand for housing.   Affordability has weakened this year amid fast-rising home prices and higher mortgage interest rates compared with last year.   Homebuyers and homeowners don’t […]

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Designs ideas from hotels perfect for small spaces!

Posted by John Grohowski // August 30, 2018

  Small spaces can be a challenge to decorate, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. If you need some great inspiration, it’s time to log out of Pinterest and check into a hotel. Hotels rooms are some of the best examples of how small spaces can be beautiful, yet efficiently designed. Whether you […]

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Home Sales Continue to Fall

Posted by John Grohowski // August 23, 2018

                            Sales of previously owned homes in the U.S. declined for a fourth straight month in July, as rising prices and limited inventory of affordable housing continued to sideline buyers despite solid economic growth. Existing-home sales fell 0.7% in July from June […]

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Give That Small Kitchen A Big Feel

Posted by John Grohowski // August 13, 2018

While this post has points geared toward rentals, we found these tips can help in any home with a smaller kitchen.     Is there some kind of law that requires rental apartments to supply no more than a single square of kitchen counter space to each unit? Between the white walls, scarce and often […]

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How to keep a kitchen remodel on track

Posted by John Grohowski // August 8, 2018

kitchen project

                            The words “kitchen renovation” can spark both excitement and fear in the hearts of homeowners. Because whether you’re gutting the space or simply making some cosmetic improvements, you’ll need to be ready to make plenty of decisions. What if you make […]

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Mortgage Rates continue to go up

Posted by John Grohowski // August 3, 2018

                            Rates for home loans surged along with the broader fixed-income market, pressuring mortgage affordability again even as housing market growth falters. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.60% in the August 2 week, according to weekly data from mortgage provider Freddie Mac. […]

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Defining the Single Family Home

Posted by John Grohowski // July 25, 2018

                            The phrase “single-family home” is something you’ll often see when browsing through real estate listings. A single-family home might seem easy to define: It’s a home for a single family, right? Eh, not exactly. To be classified as a single-family home, […]

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Common Grilling Mistakes

Posted by John Grohowski // July 20, 2018

                            Warmer weather means it’s time to fire up the grill! Yet before you lay on those hot dogs or rack of ribs, know this: Even if you consider yourself pretty good with your grill, there are certain things you’re doing just […]

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Foreclosure Basics

Posted by John Grohowski // July 16, 2018

foreclosure chester county

                            What is a foreclosure? When a homeowner doesn’t pay his or her mortgage for an extended period, the bank or entity that lent that money takes possession of the home—which means the current owner must move out. Foreclosure is a scary […]

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