Homes being sold in record time

Posted by John Grohowski // June 18, 2018

                      The average home sold in May went under contract in just 34 days, according to real estate broker Redfin. May’s number broke the previous month’s record of 36 days. Of the homes that sold in May, 27.6 percent went above their list price — […]

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Homeowners Rushing for HELOC’s

Posted by John Grohowski // June 15, 2018

Homeowners rush for HELOC's

                            A home is an investment, sure—but as you pay down that mortgage, it starts to look more like a giant piggy bank. That’s why homeowners jonesing to remodel their homes, make a big purchase, or send their kid to college are […]

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Lawn Care Secrets to Make Neighbors Jealous

Posted by John Grohowski // June 11, 2018

tips for lawn care

                            There’s a reason so many landscape painters seem to focus on rolling, emerald-hued hillsides: That lush, green look can seem magical. Which is probably why we, as homeowners, try to re-create the magic in our own yards. But going from “Hey, […]

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Buyers get a break as mortgage rates drop

Posted by John Grohowski // June 8, 2018

Buyers see break in mortgage rates

Rates for home loans ticked down for the second straight week, offering buyers a brief reprieve in a sizzling housing market.   The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.54% during the June 7 week, down 2 basis points, Freddie Mac said Thursday. The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.01%, down from 4.06%. The 5-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate […]

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Speedbumps that slow down home sales

Posted by John Grohowski // June 4, 2018

Closing speedbumps

                          Once home buyers and sellers have negotiated their way to an offer and have a closing date on the books, you’d think they’re totally in the clear, right? Well … not necessarily. Even the smoothest housing transactions can face a third-act twist […]

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Home-buyers are resilient despite market challenges

Posted by John Grohowski // May 30, 2018

Despite housing shortage home-buyers are resilent

Limited supply and affordability constraints can’t hold them back Although home-buyers struggle with affordability and low supply, a healthy economy and strong consumer confidence are expected to lead to an increase of sales, according to Freddie Mac’s newly released monthly outlook for May. Last month, Freddie Mac’s outlook indicated that low housing inventory was responsible […]

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For Mortgage Rates It’s the End of an Era

Posted by John Grohowski // May 21, 2018

End of era for mortgage rates

                            Mortgage rates this week jumped to their highest level since 2011, signaling a shift from a period of ultracheap loans to a higher-rate environment that could slow home price appreciation and squeeze first-time buyers. The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate […]

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More than half of U.S. homes need updates

Posted by John Grohowski // May 16, 2018

Repairs or Updates needed for more than half us Homes

Market ripe for construction to permanent and renovation loans As refinances continue to fall, a new market could be opening up for lenders as construction lending and renovation picks up speed.The housing stock is aging in the U.S., and now nearly 65% of homes are more than 25 years old, according to a new report from Land Gorilla. […]

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How home buying is more of a commitment than marriage

Posted by John Grohowski // May 14, 2018

Home Buying commitment marriage

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were having drinks with two friends who had just bought a house together—a fixer-upper they plan to tear down to the studs and rebuild in a labor of love. They are in their 30s and have been dating eight years. “So is the ring next?” My husband […]

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Doctors sought out by mortgage lenders

Posted by John Grohowski // May 11, 2018

Doctors wanted by mortgage lenders

                      Banks are working to woo new doctors into home mortgages   Mortgage loans designed specifically for doctors have grown more popular in the last few years, according to the lenders who offer them. Bank of America says the dollar volume of physician mortgages it […]

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